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Dawn – Sitter

dog licks pet sitter

Kisses from one of our ‘shy’ clients

My passion for animals goes back to childhood when at age 3 I ‘horseback rode’ our patient family German Shepherd, Baron. Nothing like improvising when you can’t get a pony. I considered being a vet as a little girl, but the idea of having to put animals to sleep was more than I could bare. So a lifetime later, and dozens of well loved pets later, I’ve been blessed to find a career working with animals anyway. With over 30 years of pet care, I’ve personally cared for, owned, and loved dogs, cats, ferrets, rabbits, parrots, and snakes. 

As a former animal rescue volunteer, I have a way with animals, including anxious, shy, and ‘tough to get to know animals’, that is not typical. My gentle, loving and playful demeanor appeals to all animals. Hopefully some day, I’d like to have a rescue and shelter for animals. People ask me why I love animals so much and I tell them it’s because of their often deep and unconditional love.

Listen, I know how hard it is to leave your critters behind with someone else and *hope* they receive the same love, attention, and exceptional care they get when you’re there with them. It’s my desire to assure you that your pets will be loved, cared for and tended to as if they belonged to me. Whether that is throwing the ball for your dog 50 times, scratching that sweet spot your cat loves, letting your ferret roam around on the ground exploring, giving kisses to furry foreheads, or whistling to your canary; just know that it brings me great joy to know your pets are happy while you’re away! Of course I can’t replace you, but I can do my best to help make their time away from you fun, safe, and secure! And I will.

Thank you for opening your home and heart to our company.
You won’t be disappointed!

 Nicole  – Pet Sitter

Nicole grew up surrounded by dogs. At age 14, she found two orphaned jackrabbits and raised them until they could be released in the wild. This cemented her future in animal rescue. She is currently a teacher and volunteers with several different non-profit rescues in the valley, and also with Maricopa County Animal Control.leo (1)

She has cared for dogs, cats, rabbits, fish, salamanders and tortoises. Nicole also fosters felines until they are ready to be put up for adoption, or until their owners are able to take them back home.

Nicole is comfortable with all sizes and breeds of animals, but holds a special place in her heart for pit bulls. Nicole participates in shy dog socialization classes and pit bull manners classes with rescue dogs and can work with shy or more dominant dogs. She owns two cats, Toby, a rescue from the Humane Society; and Barkley, a “foster failure”.   Nicole is able to give oral medications, and administer insulin shots. She is available for daily visits, puppy and kitten care, dog walks, and  overnight pet sitting in Mesa and Gilbert.

Randi  – Pet Sitter

Randi has  had a passion for animals as far back as she can remember.  Her house growing up, was always full of an array of critters, from the smallest lizards to horses.  She has owned both large and small breed dogs, and is very comfortable with both.  Randi worked for two years  recently as a foster parent for the Yavapai Humane Society.  She also raised several litters of kittens and found homes for them.  It was a very rewarding experience for unnamed (4)her.

Randi also volunteered at weekly events held to find homes for various shelter dogs.  She currently owns two cats – 13 year old litter mates,  a 1 year old desert tortoise, and a she has a koi pond.  She believes Critter Caretakers is the perfect job for her, allowing her to take care of lots of different animals.

Randi is available for pet sitting in North East Mesa and is comfortable administering medications, both oral and pill to pets.


Yvonne  – Pet Sitter

Yvonne has always remembered loving animals.  She would often bring home orphaned birds and squirrels to nurse back to health. At age 12 she begged to volunteer at a local stables cleaning and caring for the tenants; she had a real gift for working with the most temperamental horses. Additionally, Yvonne has always had pets: cats, dogs, bird, reptiles, arachnids and a wide variety of fish.

For several years Yvonne was a foster mom for hard to home dogs giving them rehabilitation and lots of love. With her experience and extra care, she was able to find dozens of forever homes for dogs she fostered. Yvonne is very good working with shy and rescue animals. There aren’t any pets that she isn’t comfortable around.

Yvonne is available for daily visits, puppy sitting, and mid-day visits in West and Central Mesa. 

Kathy  – Pet Sitter

Kathy always had animals of some kind in her life. She grew up with a black Cocker Spaniel and a turtle named “Junior.” Stray dogs used to “find” her even when she was a little girl. Her family had dogs for a long time, but when she was in the 6th grade, she was given a newborn kitten whose mother had gotten run over by a car. “Lucky” lived with her for 16 years. After that, she cared for and loved cats, dogs, birds and fish — sometimes separately, sometimes all  at the same time. She started “pet sitting” for others when she was 10 and really hasn’t stopped since then!

She absolutely loves all animals and taking care of them – It’s her passion. She has done some volunteer work with the AZ Humane Society, mostly working with cats and is currently the proud mom of 2 rescue cats who “found” her after they were abandoned. Kathy is amazing with shyer animals who respond well to her.

Kathy is available for all types of visits including overnight pet sitting, daily visits, puppy care, dog walking, and mid-day potty break visits in both Mesa and Gilbert.


Rebecca  –  Pet Sitter

Rebecca absolutely *loves* animals and being a caregiver to them. She has been in love with furry friends as long as she can remember and has a very gentle way with animals. It is one of her greatest delights to gain the trust and love of a rescued or abused animal and she considers each pet she cares for “hers”. When they are on Rebecca’s watch, she caters to the needs and desires of every individual pet personality and will let each animal accept her on their terms and trust is built at each pet’s pace. 

In addition to an experienced sitter, she is also a former humane society volunteer and foster parent for dogs and exotic birds and is currently learning about equestrian care through volunteer work at Wildhorse Ranch Rescue in Gilbert. She is also a full-time student at ASU (Pre-Vet). 
Providing exceptional care is her goal for each and every animal she takes care of. She loves to take dogs out on walks and out for ball chasing and Frisbee throwing. When it is not too hot in the summer, we walk early morning or late evening. She loves cuddling and playtime with kitties, too, and can also provide care for small, caged animals; she has a fondness for guinea pigs. 

She understands it takes a high level of trust to leave your home and beloved fur babies in the responsibility of someone else. Rest assured that in addition to providing exceptional care for your animals, she will also treat your home with gentle care and strive to leave it in the same condition or better. Pet photography is a joy for her, so she hopes you like lots of pictures while you are away. Pet CPR & First Aid certified. Rebecca is available as a dog walker, and for daily visits, and puppy care in East Mesa and some parts of Gilbert.


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