Whether it’s a new puppy, a need for a dog walker, an invitation for a weekend away, an unexpected late night at work, a business trip that keeps you away for a week, or a surgery that keeps you from exercising your pet like normal, we have a variety of services to cover all your pet care needs.


Services are backed by our guarantee*

*(does not include cat nail trim)


Daily & Mid-Day Cat Visits

Daily and Mid-Day visits are just as they sound. We visit your home one – three times daily depending on your pet’s requirements.  This service includes:
  • feeding, 
  • giving fresh water, 
  • play time, exercise/lots of attention, 
  • litter box cleaning,  
  • medication if needed, 
  • We will also, at your request, water plants, bring in newspapers/mail, and take trash out to the curb.
  • Daily notes are kept so you can see what your pet was up to while you were gone and we’re happy to text you updates while you’re away.

See us in action with an actual client:


Overnight Pet Pampering

Do you sleep with your pet? We can too! We provide overnight pet sitting for your fur babies and tuck them in with their usual routine (yes, cat only households, too), This service provides peace of mind for you that your home is being protected and your pets receive care as if you are still there at night. Visit will include a walk if you would like. Service typically runs between 8pm-7am with sitter providing their own food and keeping notes of pet antics for you. Bedtime snuggles provided no extra charge

Puppy Pet Sitting Services
A new puppy is a wonderful addition to the family, but they require a lot of assistance to get them off on the right foot, err, paw.  This includes potty training, which means lots of breaks during the day to help them be successful.  Let us be your go to puppy pet sitter and help you potty train your new bundle of furry joy.  For more on puppy care click HERE:

Pet Sitting by the Hour
Need someone to come watch your kids for  a few hours while you go out? Are you staying at a hotel in town and want to do a day trip, but do not want take your pets or know what to do with them? Consider an hourly hotel pet sitter! Perfect for fur-kids with separation anxiety, new puppies, or any pet that doesn’t like to or can’t be alone. Let us come to your house or hotel and play with your kids and keep them company. They won’t even know you left. 

Dog Walking  
Larger, more active dogs and younger pets especially, may need more exercise than your busy schedule allows. Have to work long hours and don’t have the energy to walk your fur-kid? Have you recently had a surgery or illness that prevents you from exercising your dog as usual? Let one of our dog walkers take care of your dog’s walk so you don’t have to. This can be arranged as a daily walk or whenever your schedule requires. Just keep in mind being a dog walker in Arizona isn’t like other places.

Cat Nail Trim

Do you need assistance getting your cats nails trimmed? With any other scheduled service, we’re happy to trim front paws or all four paws on cooperative cats/kittens as an add-on.  Save yourself, and kitty, a (stressful, scary) trip to the vet.



**We reserve the right to refuse or discontinue services to anyone for any reason.**


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