Puppy Care Services

  •  Just as you wouldn’t leave a baby in a crib all day for hours at a time, neither should you leave a puppy crated all day. Their bodies have not physically developed yet to the point where they can hold their water until they’re about 12 weeks old or older, so frequent potty breaks are a *must* for positive results.
  • While training, a puppy will need to be let out every 2-3 hours; the younger the puppy the more visits we recommend. We can visit your puppy 1-3 times a day while you’re at work or out and about, so you don’t have to worry about maintaining your puppy’s schedule.
  • We strongly recommend crate training to give your puppy the best chance at successful potty training.  Dogs don’t like to potty where they lay; this helps set your puppy up for success.

Our client, Beyer


Our client LilyBelle










  • We will use and reinforce whatever training methods and verbiage you are utilizing to maintain continuity in their training. Consistency is key when working with a new puppy and we will follow that up with lots of affection, positive praise and reinforcement! Your puppy will come to love our pet sit visits.
  • Finally by using us as your puppy pet sitter, if you need to go out of town on vacation, we already know their routines and habits. 

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