May 2013

Should I free-feed or schedule feed my pet?

An age old question that some of our pet sitting clients in Gilbert ask us is, when it comes to feeding my pets, (especially for most cat owners), should I free feed (leaving food out readily available for them to eat at will) or put my pet on a scheduled feeding? There are many reasons why an owner might choose free feeding over scheduled feeding: one less thing to have to remember to do during the day, the pet will eat when they’re hungry, owner has long work hours, and of course ease for the owner. However, some pets, again especially cats, do not have an ‘off’ switch when it comes to their food. They eat because it tastes good and/or they are bored. There is nothing telling them they have had ‘enough’ so they over eat. Overeating can lead to many potential illnesses, not the least of which is diabetes....

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What does a Mesa Pet Sitter do if your dog won’t eat?

As pet sitters in Mesa, obviously we feed dogs as part of our job. And sometimes our dog clients won't eat. So what do we do? Well, your pet sitter comes armed with several tricks for this situation. First we have to decide if it is due to illness or something else. Oftentimes, our pet family members get sad when we go away and so they won't eat. Most of the time it due to the fact that your dog is missing you. If a dog doesn't want to eat for one meal, generally we are not overly concerned with it and will let the dog eat as much or as little as it wants. But because we don't want your dog's blood sugar to be effected by not eating, your Mesa pet sitter will keep a vigilant eye on the situation. Let's say we go to the next visit and your...

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Dog Walking in Arizona – Not like other places

Well it’s getting to be that time again. We’re just barely in to the month of May and triple digits are already on those of us here in Arizona. As dog walkers in Mesa and Gilbert, we need to pay attention to those temperatures. Did you know that unlike other states, not all weather is ok to walk your dog in here? So, how does your dog walker, or you, know when it is too hot to walk your dog in Arizona? We tell our clients (and sitters) to do the pavement test. If you hold your hand to the pavement, sidewalk, street, etc. for 5-7 seconds and it feels too hot to your hand, then it is too hot to walk your dog. Your dogs paw pads can, and will, burn. Don’t believe us? Try walking barefoot on the sidewalk you want to take your pup on. You’ll be doing...

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