July 2014

What’s Your Dog and Heat Safety Quotient?

Your Gilbert dog sitter takes the care of your dogs very seriously, especially in the dangerous heat of Arizona. Take this true/false quiz and see if you can pass with flying colors. 1)      It only takes 15 minutes for your car to become so hot your dog suffers serious physical harm. False –It only takes 10! 2)      Parking in the shade will keep your dog comfortably cool if left in a car. False – this only buys a few minutes at best to slow down the rising temperature. A shaded car will still reach very high internal temperatures dangerous to pets within minutes. 3)      A dog’s normal internal body temperature is normally 100 degrees- 102.5 degrees. True –Anything above 103 is generally seen as an emergency. Canine temperatures are best taken rectally for an accurate reading. If you have been exercising your dog and she seems listless afterwards, do you yourself a favor and check her...

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