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Here are the answers to some of our most popular questions. Don’t see your answer here? Take the opportunity to contact us and we’ll be happy to answer your questions.

What does a pet sitter / house sitter do anyway?

We do many wonderful things: 

  • Feed pets and provide fresh water
  • Provide medication and supplements if necessary
  • water plants
  • check your mail if you wish and bring in packages
  • remove flyers, rotate blinds and turn on/off lights for home safety protection
  • maintain alarmed property      
  • take trash and recycling bins to and from curbs on designated days
  • property checks after stormso
  • brush your pets if desired
  • dog waste removal (no extra charge) and litter box cleaning
  • dog walks with visits (for well behaved walkers) if desired
  • personalized love and attention, as well as lots of playtime and exercise

Why should I hire a pet sitter? (Isn’t a kennel just fine?)

Many reasons! Kenneling pets, and even pet hotels, can be stressful on your pets! Often our beloved furry family members will stop eating if left somewhere other than their home environment. Additionally, you run the potential risk of your animals getting sick. Using a pet sitter often costs not much more than a kennel, especially when you have multiple pets. Critter Caretakers will care for your pets to your exact specifications. While there are many reputable, excellent kennels out there, when in a kennel pets may be left caged and alone for many hours overnight with barking animals (stress) and none of their favorite, comforting familiar smells – (i.e. YOU).

You are often required to pay extra for walks, playtime, medication administration and love in a hotel or kennel, too. It’s part of our price. Finally, while your friends & family love you, asking them to come over 2 or 3 times a day for multiple days when they have their own busy lives is challenging. (What happens if they have an emergency themselves? And yes, it’s happened to our clients) Let us care for your pets for you. It’s truly what we love to do!

Critter Caretakers provides you with peace of mind that your home and pets are being cared for with no disruption to their routine, diet or emotional well-being. What more could you ask for?

Why don’t you offer every other day visits for cats?

Let’s face it; our feline friends are uncommonly curious. They get themselves into all kinds of predicaments such as locking themselves in a closet, upending their water bowls during exuberant play, and often they wind up finding things to amuse themselves they shouldn’t necessarily be playing with (dental floss, plastic bags, etc). Also, cats can get sick quite rapidly and once a day visits allow us to head off most cases of serious illness or accident. Keep in mind, too, this is Arizona and a power outage or A/C outage (both of which we’ve dealt with for clients) can put your furry angels at risk.

How does this work?

Once you’ve made the decision to use our services, we will do a very detailed initial meeting where we will come to meet you and your pets, learn their routine and collect 2 keys and payment from you. Services must be paid in full before your trip.

Are there any reasons Critter Caretakers wouldn’t take on pets?

Critter Caretakers does not take on pets that have been aggressive in the past with other animals or people for our safety.   Additionally, if you have pets that have been very ill recently (i.e. surgery or hospitalization) or require extensive medical assistance, we generally recommend boarding them at a reputable veterinary kennel that can provide your pet with the best care for their situation. (This does not mean we are unable to care for pets that have some medical needs. We can administer Sub-Q fluids and insulin injections. Please call to discuss with us if you’re uncertain.) 

Are you bonded/insured?

Yes, all our sitters have been thoroughly interviewed, background checked and are bonded and insured.  Your pet’s, as well as your home’s, safety is our greatest priority. Please see client testimonials to be assured of your choice. Currently several of our sitters also have FBI fingerprint clearance cards, which means they have a clean background. Our company is incorporated as an LLC so we are registered with the state of Arizona.

I have a friend who can help some days. Do you do job shares?

We do not job share or do split jobs because we want to be fully responsible for your pets and the time we are in your home. If we did job share and something happened to your home or pet while we weren’t watching them, liability questions could come in to play. This is not something we’re willing to risk because your 100% satisfaction is our goal. If you have arranged a consultation and then tell us at the consultation you’ve arranged to have a friend or family member care for your pets some of the days, we will not be able to contract with you! 

Are you available for last minute reservations?

Absolutely. We prefer that first time clients give us a week or more notice to arrange the initial visit, match you with the best pet sitter, and get your paperwork done, but we understand that isn’t always possible. In that case, we will do our best to accommodate you. We do not pet sit without an initial consultation. For returning clients, all you need to do is email or call and we’re at your disposal.