Critter Caretakers will offer one complimentary meet and greet to client as long as services are contracted. If client does not contract and pay for specific dates at the time of this meeting, we assess a $15 fee that will be credited to client’s first future invoice, up to 3 months. Also, if client opts not to schedule services with CCPS, you will be assessed the $20 fee as well. We are happy to provide you with the names of references prior to our consultation, if you wish, to assist you in your decision.


Critter Caretakers requires the following visits for your pets’ safety and comfort, and your home security. Cats will be visited a minimum of once every 24 hours (or less). We do not offer every other day visits for cats. Dogs require more attention than cats and therefore, will be visited every 12 hours (or less).  

Additionally, new clients are required to book a minimum of 3 service visits in order for us to provide services. If you only need 2 visits for your initial service request, the third visit will remain on your account as a credit for future services. 


Cancellation policy is in place because we set aside and commit our time to be available for you at your requested time. If you cancel with us,or return home early from a trip,  chances are we have turned away other clients. Clients returning early from their trip will not receive refunds/credits as we’ve set that time committed to you and can not replace it. In order to best serve all our clients, policies are as follows:

Daily vacation visits: 5 days or less cancellation incurs a 50% cancellation fee of total.

Overnights/Live-In: 2 weeks or less cancellation incurs a 50% cancellation fee of total. This is due to the fact that we must decline other overnight requests if we have held space for you.

Dog Walking/Puppy Care: We request that clients give us a 48 hour cancellation notice or a 50% of visit charge is assessed. 


First time clients are required to pay for services at the initial consult. All other future services are billable 5 days prior to initial service date; this allows us time to be sure payment will clear. You may pay with cash, check, or PayPal.


Critter Caretakers does not permit job shares, split jobs, or other people in your home while we perform pet sitting for your pets. This is a liability and insurance issue for us. Other people in your home while we are contracted for services without the prior approval of Critter Caretakers will be considered a breach of contract on your part and releases us from any and all liability to your home and pet.


Two keys are requested at the initial meet and greet; one is for emergency back up purposes. Garage codes are acceptable as a second form of entry only. (Power outages do occur). Ideally, we prefer to keep keys on file with the office for future pet sitting jobs. All keys are coded anonymously with no identifying marks to you home address or neighborhood.

If you wish, we will mail your keys back after using our services without cost to client once. After that if client opts not to keep keys on file, a key return charge will be assessed for each additional request to mail keys back.

Additionally if a client requests keys be dropped off or picked up by a sitter, a key drop-off/pick up charge will be assessed.