Most Asked Questions

How are you different from other pet sitting services?

We strive to be the best, high-end pet service provider across Arizona.

We only offer 45 minute visits – most pet sitters only offer 30 minutes which work out much more expensive, and often a third less time loving for your pets.

We are multi award-winning, year on year since 2013 through community-voted Best of Mesa Awards for Best Pet Services and Best Home Services

We are A+ BBB service provider (Better Business Bureau)

We have multiple 5 star reviews on Yelp

We have multiple 5 star reviews on Google

Although we may start marketing soon, we have got to where we are through word of mouth referrals and repeat business

We do not charge our clients hidden fees such as Late Notice Request fees or Cancelation Fees like all other pet sitting providers

We answer our phone 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year

No quibble, money-back satisfaction guarantee if we do not address your concerns to your liking

Try us once, we guarantee you will not be disappointed

What areas do you cover?

We cover the whole Phoenix Metropolitan area. That is, throughout Phoenix and full coverage in both the East Valley and the West Valley. Cities include Scottsdale, Mesa, Chandler, Gilbert, Queen Creek, Apache Junction, Paradise Valley, Deer Valley, Glendale, Surprise, Goodyear, Buckeye, and more. Please contact us if you do not see your location listed as this list is not exhaustive and we are still likely to be able to help you.

Should I tip our pet service provider?

If you are happy with the service, then yes! The owners agree that if you like the service then this is a great way to show your appreciation. Please note that 100% of all tips are given to your service provider.

How can you tip?

The easiest way is to add a tip on to the invoice during the payment process. You are asked just before payment if you would like to do this. 

Alternatively you can go back in to the invoice at the end of your schedule and add a tip on then.

Finally you can leave a tip for your service provider in your home for them to collect on their first visit.

Do I need to give my pet service provider a key to get in to my house?

Yes, your pet service provider will need a key. We actually ask for two so that the office can hold one in the case of an emergency or last minute future request. If your pet service provider cannot make your visit for any reason (car breakdown, illness, emergency at previous visit) then Liza or Tony can cover the sit. We may also give one of the keys to your Secondary sitter should we have to share your schedule due to conflicting schedules at the time of booking.
If you have a keyless, coded lock then please let us know this at your Free Meet & Greet, if you can set us up our our code then all the better. Some clients have ‘babysitter’ access codes for their alarm systems and give us those which is fine too.

It is important to make sure the keys and codes are tested a number of times, especially if the keys are particularly old and also if they are brand new. We do not want to turn up to your house on the first visit and then realize they do not work!

Finally, please ensure all codes and directions concerning access to your home is entered in full on your Time to Pet profile so that we can find it easily and serve you the best we can.

Can I have a friend or neighbor pop by to help cover some of the schedule?

We much prefer to have complete responsibility for your home and pet whilst you are away. By inviting another person in to your home to share this can cause problems as we do not know who they are, if they are actually turning up or if they do something which could cause danger to your pet eg leave a door or window open, fail to give medication, leave something out on the floor your dog finds and chews causing illness or injury etc. We then have to potentially come in and deal with issues caused.

Then there are the legal concerns around liability. If your pet was injured or ill whilst you are way then you may not be able to point at specifically what caused it and it would be unfair for us to get embroiled in this argument when it is more likely that it isn’t your professional pet service provider who is is at fault.

If you insist in sharing the schedule then we respectfully ask you to compete our Shared Pet Care Liability Release Form, and provide the name(s), all the contact details, and the time & dates of other visits so that we can liaise with them directly should the need arise.

What is your minimum service level for cats?

Our policy is that we will only accept cat only visits with a maximum of 24 hours between visits. We believe that no pet should go longer than this without human interaction. Some clients ask for a visit every two days; we will respectfully reject your request so please don’t ask as we do not mean to cause offense. In addition to the need for human contact, we are also concerned for their welfare. For example, if your A/C failed just as you leave, 24 hrs is the maximum we want to leave them in this increasing heat. We feel 48 hrs is simply too much time not to check something hasn’t gone wrong, or your pet hasn’t fallen ill and is in need of emergency care.

Whilst we hope you understand and accept this policy, we do understand some potential clients will still want care ever other day. There are many pet sitters and hobbyists who will do this for you in your local area, but we do encourage you to check out and compare all of their policies before making such a decision. Saving a few pennies could have sad, tragic and avoidable consequences.

How much notice do I have to give for cancelations to avoid fees and / or penalty payments?

Unlike most pet service providers WE DO NOT CHARGE FEES FOR CANCELATIONS OR LAST MINUTE REQUESTS. Always ask what hidden fees other pet services providers have – we don’t have any. It is not unusual for our pet sitters to have schedules in place 6-7 months ahead, especially through busy periods such as holiday dates, so we recommend submitting your dates as soon as you know them, even if they are a year or more ahead so we can book them in and ensure the service is confirmed for you. This creates a win/win for you with no risk of financial penalty should you plans change.

Don’t forget, new clients must activate and complete their Time To Pet profile and also allow time for a Free Meet & Greet prior to your schedule starting. This gives you a chance to meet your pet service provider, confirm everything that you have entered on Time to Pet, and give you, your pet service provider and your pets a chance to meet each other.

Do you refund money if I need to cancel visits?

We keep 100% of your payment on file and use this towards your future bookings. Remember, we do not charge any fees for cancelations. The only condition we have in place is that you use these fees held on file during the next 12 months otherwise they will be forfeited and kept by Critter Caretakers.