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Often times people immediately want to know how much pet sitting or house sitting costs, and that’s understandable. But since we’re not a one size fits all pet sitter service, we first want to hear from you exactly what your pets are like and what they need so we can best determine what will be ideal for *your* unique fur family before we quote a price. Perhaps we can offer options you hadn’t even considered. Have an off the wall service request? Why not call and ask us?  We’re all about flexibility, options, and giving your pets the best care we can. 

Nor are our visits typical. Our pet sit visits are based on the quality of care we provide to your pets, not simply a timed visit. You won’t find us watching the clock. If your dog is having a particularly great day swimming in the pool, who wants to have to get him out ‘just because his time is up’? Not us! We want you to come home to happy, content, well-exercised and loved fur-kids.

Besides, there are many factors that go in to determining your pet sitting rate. How many animals do you have? What type of services do you need? Will you need an overnight one day and then several daily visits the next day? Would you like to alternate your visits with an additional hourly visit? That’s what we mean about pricing options. We want to give your fur-kids the pet sitting routine that is just right for them. Which is why a simple price menu is not really an option.

We can tell you our visits start at $23 per visit and go up from there depending on several factors.

So before we “just” tell you the price of pet sitting or dog walking, give us a call and let us know all about your great pets; then we’re happy to provide you with a price quote of what your services will be.