When you are at work or on vacation, there is no doubt that your pets are happiest, healthiest and safest at home.  Trust us to look after your pets and your home whilst you are away. 


Cats & Critters

We offer shorter visits for cats, critters, birds & any other lower maintenance pets


Great for Dogs

We take on all dogs regardless of  size, breeds & temperament. 


Daily Visits

Choose from 30min, 45min or 60min visits depending on the needs of your pets



For the spoiled pets who need more loving, - 12hr, 15hr, 20hr or 24hr Live-Ins



Medications administered on time, including subcutaneous injections


House Sitting

No pets? Trust us to look after your home with a detailed checklist whilst you are away


Private Walks

Dogs are never walked with other dogs. We give them the attention they deserve


Ranch Care

We have horses, goats, pigs & alpacas in our family. Basic care, love & attention given


Why You Should Choose Us

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Free Meet & Greet

You want to meet your sitter, your sitter wants to meet you. No payment taken until you have met with your sitter so no financial risk to you. Your sitter will reach out directly to organize this

Options & Prices

What Option Suits You?

Most Popular

Standard 45mins

Our recommended minimum visit
  • For affectionate cats
  • Cats who like to play
  • Dogs who love cuddles
  • Food down & potty break
  • Just $28 for single pets

Quick Pop-In 30mins

Our shortest cat or dog visit
  • 1 or 2 hiding cats
  • Midday dog visit
  • Quick potty break

Extended 1hr Visit

For spoiled or needy dogs!
  • Time for lots of fussing
  • 1hr needed for 4+ dogs
  • Treat you pet whilst you are away
Dog Walking

Gentle Stroll 45mins

Our recommended minimum walk
  • More pleasurable time
  • Tell sitter favorite route
  • Up to two of your dogs
  • Lots of sniffing time
  • Just $28 for single dogs

Quick Walk 30mins

Our shortest dog walk
  • Quick leg stretch
  • 20min walk plus fusses
  • Up to two of your dogs

Mini Hike 1hr Visit

For dogs who love getting out!
  • Great adventure
  • Varied routes
  • Up to two of your dogs
  • Treat you pet whilst you are away
Sleepovers & Live-Ins

15hr Live-In Option

Sleepover plus extended midday visit
  • 13hr Sleepover
  • 630pm thru 730am 
  • 2hr Midday Slot Visit 
  • Unlimited Pets 
  • Only left for 2 x 4hrs
  • Great value for money!

SleepOver 12hrs

12hr Sleepover (7pm thru 7am)
  • Keep pets in routine
  • Various start times
  • Great for anxious pets
  • Pets on beds if OK with you!

20hr Live-In Option

For pets who deserve the best
  • 14hr Sleepover
  • 6pm thru 8am
  • 6hr DayTime Visit
  • 10am thru 4pm
  • Only left for 2x2hrs
  • Unlimited pets
  • The Ultimate Luxury!
Extra Services