Mesa Pet Sitter provides warning about Purina Beneful Dog Food

We all like to think that we’re taking the best care of our pets that we possibly can. Of course we want our beloved pets with us for years and years. So we strive to feed them what we believe is in their best interest nutritionally. That isn’t always the case though. At times when we think we’re doing our dogs a service in this regard, it can sometimes prove to be a disservice for their long term health. Many of us have heard of the warnings against any Jerky Dog Treat products made in China, but today I’d like to share with you another, more dire warning. Treats are fed occasionally as, well, a treat, but for some people we are essentially feeding our dogs something even more harmful once, sometimes twice, a day. In some cases these feedings lead to a dog’s death! I ran across this information on Purina’s...

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