May 2014

Why is My Furry Friend Itching??

Have you ever seen your cat or dog scratching incessantly?  Maybe an ear or a belly, maybe a chin, maybe frequent paw-licking.  There are SO many reasons this could be happening, and your pet sitters in Chandler have some experience to share in this area. Upon moving from Arizona to California with my senior kitty in 2004, I discovered her chewing her fur and pulling it out on her legs.  She looked like she was wearing shorts after a while!  A trip to the vet and several hundred dollars later, we sent out a blood sample to test her for allergies.  Eureka!  The major allergens came back as timothy grass, soy, human dander, fleas, rice, eggs, and a few other random things.  We got her started on allergy shots which were similar to human allergy shots, containing a very dilute amount of the allergen itself to desensitize her system.  We also started reading every label on every bag or...

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The Dangers of Low Quality Cat Litter

Have you ever poured fresh litter into your cat’s litterbox and seen or smelled the cloud of dust that plumes up?  I’m sure you’ve coughed a few times if you were too close!  This could actually be potentially detrimental to your health or your kitty’s health.  Not only do you both inhale this dust, but your cat will also groom her paws and ingest the dust and possibly litter from her box.  So what’s the big deal?   Well your Chandler pet sitter wants you to know exactly that!  Just imagine how litter is supposed to clump and absorb moisture.  Now imagine it doing so inside of your kitty.  It can coat her digestive tract and prevent minerals and nutrients from being utilized as well as cause respiratory issues and dehydration. Some clay litters have sodium bentonite which expands to 15 times its original size when wet.  It can block your plumbing if you flush it, so one can only imagine...

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Chandler Pet Sitters ask – Does a ferret make a good pet?

Ohhh ferrets. They truly are adorable. Those cute little faces and whiskers, the tiny soft bodies, and inquisitive eyes. What's not to love?! But before you go rushing to your nearest pet store to purchase a new friend this Chandler pet sitter wanted you to have the lowdown on all things ferrets. As the previous owner of 2 ferrets, I have the inside scoop on what it's like to have a ferret as a pet companion. First of all ferrets require a LOT of attention. They are not an animal that should be kept in cages for hours on end and if this is your idea of what a ferret's life is, then they are definitely not for you.  Ferrets are very curious and exploratory little guys and they need several hours a day out of their cages. In fact the word ferret means thief in Latin - which brings me to...

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