February 2015

Best Non-natural Dog Chew Toys

In the last post your Chandler dog sitter blogged about natural chew toys, but there are a lot of great indestructible toys out there that are made to last. As my English Mastiff pup, Luciano, got bigger, (and bigger, and BIGGER), his chewing became more destructive. He had his adult teeth and was time to get that tried and true KONG brand of toys for my boy. I can't say enough good things about this brand - every product I have ever bought has lasted and stood up to their quality guarantee. I have their rubber bones that you can fill the ends with treats. I have a KONG Wobbler, that you fill with kibble and they have to knock it around the floor to get the treats out, and I must say it is fun to watch them play with this one. Then there is the original KONG - the...

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Bones for Dogs that Love to Chew

Do you have a dog or puppy that can destroy any bone in a matter of minutes? It can be frustrating; after all, they are not always cheap! Having had large breed dogs (Rottweilers & Mastiffs) my whole life, and a one year old Mastiff currently, I feel I have a bit of experience in this department. However, heavy chewing isn't limited to the big breeds; I've seen a Chihuahua destroy a flip flop in a flash! After spending a considerable amount of money on toys and bones over the years, perhaps these suggestions from you Chandler dog sitter might help...

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