October 2017

Should You Let Your Pets Celebrate Thanksgiving?

Thanksgiving is almost here! That means a house full of loved ones and friends, a busy time preparing and a table full of wonderful food. For many of us, including your Mesa pet sitters, our pets are included in that list of loved ones. So the question is, should you let your furry family members partake in the yummy food celebration? The answer is yes and no. Many of the foods we eat are not the best to offer your pets. Let’s take a look at a few traditional Thanksgiving foods to find out which ones are safe.  First, there are whipped potatoes.  While the potatoes are ok, many of us add in additional ingredients such as milk, butter, sour cream and cheese that are a no-no for your pets. Some dogs can tolerate dairy and others can not. And if you cover your potatoes in gravy, they are a definite no-much...

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