August 2013

Top 15 Worst dog foods

Did you know that most commercial pet foods sit on a warehouse shelf for 6-18 MONTHS before it even reaches store shelves??!!  Really it's a pity what companies are passing off as nutritious and healthy foods for dogs on the market these days. Dog food needs to have a highly digestible meat protein as one of the top 5 main ingredients. The majority of commercial brand foods have corn meal, ground yellow corn, meat and bone meal or by-product meal as one of their first three ingredients. No nutritional value in these at all and a *major* cause of allergies in many dogs. In addition to providing our Mesa dog sitting clients with a wealth of information on ingredients to avoid feeding your dogs, it lists the top 15 worst dog foods to feed your pets. Some of them are actually killing dogs within a couple weeks of eating them, causing severe...

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Top 10 Worst Dry Cat Foods

When you work with and care for pets, of course the topic of nutrition/feeding comes up as part of their care routine. The foods we feed our pets is probably the singular most important thing we can do to make sure our fur kids are with us for many happy years. Often, our Mesa cat sitting clients will ask us for recommendations. So naturally when I came across the information, I felt it was important for our Mesa cat sitters to know about it, as well as our cat sitting clients. To avoid bad ingredients you will need to become an educated label reader. If your cat food label said, cancer causing agent, calorie-less food filler (think beer for cats), or allergy agent, would you pick up and buy the bag? Hopefully not, but that's exactly what most unknowing consumers are doing! Scroll down to the bottom of the article and...

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Best Local Dog Trainers

As a Gilbert pet sitter, some of my Gilbert pet sitting clients ask me for recommendations regarding behavioral issues with their dogs. The reality is your dog WANTS to please you and do the right thing, but sometimes they need some help to learn, or unlearn these behaviors. I know three exceptional dog trainers and would highly recommend any of them for dog training in Mesa or Gilbert, or elsewhere for that matter. Each of these dog trainers has their own unique approach to training, but you can't go wrong with any of them. Here they are in no particular order with contact information: Hazuki Tan - Pawsitive Doggy Life As a member of the Pet Professional Guild and following the guidelines set forth by the American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior, Hazuki is fully committed to practice “force-free” training: Positive Reinforcement, Reward-Based, Science-Based Training only. She firmly believes that is the most...

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