May 2015

Leash Types According to your Mesa Dog Walker

Your Mesa dog walker has experience with several kinds of leashes and would love to hear your thoughts on them also!  Consider first if you’re going to clip the leash to a collar or harness on the pooch.  If extra control is needed or your pup has “backed out” of his collar, a harness may be in order.  There are multiple types of harnesses and collars also, which we will have discussed in this article. The typical leash: Generally this type of leash has a built-in loop that you can slide over your wrist and has a limited length to it. The pup cannot go further than usually 6 feet or so with this type of leash.  This can offer more safety or control if the pooch wants to take off when the walker is trying to keep him on a sidewalk or path.  For those chewers who might want to snack on their leash, they make...

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