December 2013

Christmas Lists: Dog vs. Cat

I was pet sitting in Chandler for a pack of pets the other day, dogs and cats, and thinking about how different they can be. Dogs are soooo goofy and carefree, while cats are more dignified, refined and seemingly haughty and indifferent. And I wondered, if each of them wrote a letter to Santa, what would they say? So here is my rendition of how those letters might read: A Dog's Letter to Santa: Dear Santa Paws,  I been especially good this year. I hardly done anything wrong, welllll...

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How Do I Give Medications to My Cat?

At times our feline companions need medicine or supplements to feel their best, but they can be very difficult to administer given the sometimes discriminating kitty palate and convincingly discouraging claws.  Here are some tips from your Chandler pet sitters for accomplishing the seemingly impossible: medicating your cat. -Hide the pill inside something:  Try a treat like cream cheese and hide the pill inside.  Lunch meat is another good option.  A Greenies Pill Pocket has worked for one kitty client I’ve visited when nothing else would.  Sometimes the cat will lick the treat and pill off your finger or take from your hand, and sometimes they need it placed in their usual food bowl to recognize it and eat it. -Place the pill directly in the cats mouth:  Some cats will actually swallow pills dry, without any treats or assistance.  One cat we visit often has been on medication for so long that he accepts a pill...

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Top 10 Most Popular Recent Dog Names

Because your Chandler dog sitter loves dogs just as much as cats, we felt it only fair to share the top 10 dog names in the recent year after sharing the top 10 cat names with you. Dogs have been man's (and woman's) best friend since anywhere between 18,000 and 30,000 years ago most likely used to assist in hunting. Whether 18,000 years or 30,000 years ago, the fact remains that our dog pals are some of the most loyal and loving pets to share our homes. Here are the top 10 names of dogs divided by male and female: [caption id="attachment_1637" align="alignright" width="161"] One of our clients, Jax, who loves to swim with his brother[/caption] Top Male Dog Names:   Dexter Thor Gunner Bentley Jax Ace Leo King Simba Milo   Top Female Dog Names:   Luna Layla Piper Nala Stella Willow Maya Athena Charlie Ella As a dog sitter in Chandler, we've had the pleasure of sitting for dogs named Luna, Maya, and Jax. Which names on the list were your favorite? Did you find a new...

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